Age Checks for a Safer Internet

AgeChecked believes anonymised age verification on websites with age-restricted content or services is vital for an Internet that maintains the freedoms of online citizens whilst providing a safer environment for children.

Who is Responsible for What Young People Access?

The internet was designed to be an online resource without boundaries or government regulation. That means that the responsibility for what our young people access is difficult to control. An NSPCC study found that 28% of children in the UK may have stumbled across pornography sites by accident. Parents need to be aware of their kids’ browsing habits, but for too long they’ve been bearing the brunt of this burden.

Soon young people in the UK will need to prove their age before legally accessing adult sites. AgeChecked solutions welcome this move and will be working with website operators to streamline their eligibility processes.

Underage Access to Gambling Sites

The majority of online gambling sites want to create an enjoyable, secure and positive experience for their players. However, they will inevitably encounter the small percentage of players who will try to gamble when they are underage. Gambling in an adult environment requires a highly responsible attitude to money and risk, and website operators are keen to put in place appropriate age checks to make the internet a safer place.

AgeChecked solutions provide a range of simple processes to ensure that players on your website are legal, and responsible adults.

Creating Safe Areas for Young People

The rapid development of the internet means that we’re all responsible for the safety of our children and young people who are vulnerable to a range of dangerous influences online:

  • Gambling
  • Pornography
  • Radicalisation
  • Cyber-Bullying
  • Grooming via Dating Sites

Website owners can help to make our internet a safer place by installing AgeChecked age verification processes wherever young people are likely to encounter content which is: explicitly sexual, violent, politically extreme, focused on seeking partners, or selling age-restricted goods or services.

Together we can keep the internet free and safe for our children and young people.

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