Age Verification Categories

There are numerous laws prohibiting the sale of goods and services to the under-aged and hundreds of different categories that are age-restricted.


The legislation regulating underage sales on goods and services sold on and offline now covers hundred of categories, requiring retailers to be proactive and vigilant in their management of age verification processes. It is normally the case that responsibility for the legal sale of safe restricted goods lies with the vendor, which means that a clear understanding of current law must be supported by reputable age-check systems that are streamlined, easy to use, and customer friendly.

Goods and Services Categories Carrying a Minimum Legal Age

National lottery tickets

Scratch cards

 Aerosol spray paints

Jumbo markers


Teeth whitening

Christmas crackers

Petrol and Butane 


Acid and Bleach



Fire arms




Owning a pet

Harmful Publications

Consequences of ignoring age verification

Selling goods or services to an underage customer can carry serious consequences. The penalties that a retailer may face are set out in the legislation applicable to that product – the maximum penalty is a fine and two years’ imprisonment.

It is important, for a retailer of age-restricted products, to be able to prove that they took all reasonable precautions and exercised due diligence in the age verification process.

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