AgeChecked Solutions for Gambling

Whatever your business, you will want to offer your customers an effective age checking experience. AgeChecked provides a range of friendly and efficient services.

The Gambling Sector

Online gambling now accounts for over a third of all gambling pursuits and there’s no sign of growth within the sector slowing down. A recent report by the Gambling Commission noted the strength of creativity demonstrated on gambling sites where innovative technology is increasingly used to keep customers on the site for longer.

The Commission is currently placing the spotlight on children’s games, offered for free on most online sites. Whilst there’s no gambling involved, the use of popular cartoon characters in conjunction with gambling formats such as roulette, is seen as normalising the activity for future generations. In order to counter this trend, age verification checks are now required to be more stringent, and the 72-hour delay which has operated to date is being scrapped.

Age verification tailored for online gambling:

We offer a range of seamless verification services that can be used to check your customers’
eligibility. Whichever service you choose can be tailored to the way you do business.


Age restrictions to consider:

  • Anyone allowing young people, under the age of 18, to gamble could be subject to an unlimited fine and/or up to 51 weeks imprisonment.
  • A young person aged between 16-18 who has gambled unlawfully could by fined up to £1,000.
  • Online gambling establishments must be able to demonstrate that they have taken all reasonable steps to determine the age of their players.
  • It is illegal for young people, under the age of 16, to participate in a lottery or football pools.
Implement Immediate and Effective Age Verification for Online Gaming

A 2017 research study found that a small percentage of children aged between 11-16 had been able to gamble online. In the light of this finding – and given the range of age verification tools now available – the Gambling Commission no longer considers the 72-hour verification period to be necessary and is now requiring all age verification checks to take place prior to any gambling taking place.

Age Checked software provides consumers with a streamlined process which allows them to verify their identity immediately. It’s simple to use and provides website operators with the means to determine that their customers are legally permitted to gamble.

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