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How the Digital Economy Act Affects the Content Industry

The Digital Economy Bill

As part of a move to regulate more closely the availability of adult material online to children and young people, the UK Government has passed the Digital Economy Act (April 2017), forming part of the Digital Economy Bill which passed into law in November 2017. The aim of the act is to require website owners to take greater responsibility for checking the age of anyone seeking access to website-based adult material.

The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) has accepted the invitation to become the UK’s age verification regulator for the Content Industry.

The BBFC will have the power to recommend the blocking of ‘adult’ websites if they fail to demonstrate adequate age verification processes:

  • Websites providing adult literature, videos, or DVDs must use age verification software to block under 18s from accessing the content.
  • It is illegal to supply an age classified video to anyone who has not been age verified before being given access.
  • Businesses refuse to comply by providing age verification software can be fined and regulators can ask third-party payment services to withdraw support.
  • Regulators will also be able to block adult websites if they fail to show that they are denying access to under-18s.
Customer Friendly, Streamlined Age Checking

Compliance with this new regulation helps to ensure that young people are protected from inappropriate material online. The new law has lead to some adult website operators expressing concerns that the new requirements will put off their legitimate customers who fear that their data will be made available to website operators, making them vulnerable to exposure.

AgeChecked software is streamlined, simple to use, and it carries the guarantee that any personal data collected during verification will be not be stored, nor will it be shared with any website operators, or with any third parties.

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